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Clients: Adobe Creative Cloud X Ladbible

Challenge: Come up with a campaign, using Creative Cloud software, that addresses real life positive change through Ladbible channels. 

Outcome: Air pollution is a significant concern in the world today contributing to health complications in the UK. 

I have come up with a concept of designing breathable sneaker shoes that monitors the air quality and reports on the pollutants that we are being exposed to.The sneaker will be equipped with sensors that will detect the main components that pollute the air. Owning and wearing sneakers is part of the everyday culture of the millennial generation. I will partner with engineers who will work on the technology and sneaker brands to establish the technology into sneaker shoes. 

The main purpose of this is to address the air pollution problem. The new product: sneaker will address the air pollution problem that we are facing in the world. The sneaker air sensor concept is a step into making ourselves aware of the environment around us and finding alternatives that will save the environment. The choice of the sneaker is because of its popularity with the millennial generation.This concept is to help us gain a better understanding of the air quality and contribute to the efforts in good public health in the world.